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Online Paper Submission

QoMEX 2012 is using a Microsoft CMT paper submission site.

Step 1: Ensure the compatibility of your paper with IEEE Xplore using PDF eXpress. The conference ID is qomex2012wkxp, and you will need to create a new account with the conference ID, even if you have used PDF eXpress before.

Step 2: Create a user account with the QoMEX 2012 CMT site (if required).

Step 3: Login to the QoMEX 2012 paper submission site and follow the paper submission procedure. Please note that the paper title is limited to 256 characters and the paper abstract is limited to 2000 characters.

Camera-Ready Paper Submission

When you submit your camera-ready paper on the paper submission site, please ensure that:

  • You adhere to the QoMEX paper formatting template provided on the website
  • You do not add any header/footer e.g., page numbers, copyright notices etc.
  • Your file passes PDF eXpress compliance before uploading to CMT
  • That you have uploaded the IEEE copyright form through the CMT system - this is only done once for each paper, so please ensure that the paper title, author list etc. are correct on CMT before completing the copyright form!

You may continue to update your paper submission until the camera-ready paper submission deadline and/or monitor the status of your paper at the QoMEX 2012 paper submission site.

For more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at qomex2012@gmail.com